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Be Prepared For Your Dumpster Delivery

Step 1: Make Room for Your Dumpster Delivery

Move cars and other objects away from the delivery area and the surrounding space. We’ll confirm placement instructions with you at the time of your order, in case you can’t be on-site for delivery.

Make sure the delivery area is also clear of hanging objects such as wires or tree branches. The truck will need 23 feet of vertical clearance at most, depending on the size of the container.

While preparing for delivery, keep in mind:

  • Delivery trucks require about 60 feet of space in a straight line.
  • Your designated placement location should be at least 10.5 feet wide.
  • If the delivery truck will cross over a neighbor’s property, you must get permission from them first.

Step 2: Mark Your Delivery Area

Once you’ve cleared space for your dumpster, use cones or similar items to mark the drop-off area. This will help the driver place it exactly where you want it.

If you’d like, you can lay plywood on top of your driveway to protect the surface from scratches or scrapes.

Step 3: Double-Check the Area on Your Scheduled Delivery Day

On the day your dumpster will arrive, make sure your drop-off area is still clear.

To ensure the delivery truck has enough space to unload the dumpster:

  • Remove any potential obstacles from the lawn or curb.
  • Ask your neighbors to move any vehicles on the street in front of your home.

Step 4: Know What You Can (and Can’t) Put in Your Dumpster

Before you start filling your dumpster, make sure you know what kind of debris you can put in your dumpster. Our service representative will explain which items we can’t accept in your area when you order.

Use the following as a guide for what can go in your dumpster:

  • Residential dumpsters are for items such as clothing, plastics, paper and other common household debris.
  • Construction and heavy debris dumpsters are for materials such as concrete, sheetrock and fixtures.
  • Residential and construction debris should not be mixed together, unless otherwise noted by our representative.

Follow these simple dumpster delivery guidelines to ensure an easy, affordable rental. If you have any additional questions, give us a call at 888-601-0677

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