Business Dumpster Rentals

All to Know About Business Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

Five Star Universe offers affordable business roll-off dumpster rental services tailored to fit any business type.  Our fully customizable service enables you to choose the right roll-off dumpster size at the right pickup frequency at the right pricing with simple billing.  Choosing us for your business dumpster rental, we will keep your business running cleanly, efficiently and removing one more item off your business to-do list.

Are You Looking For A Dumpster For Your Residence?

Rent a Business Roll-Off Dumpster for Your Business

We provide business roll-off dumpster rental services to nearly any type of business, including Apartment Buildings, Small to Medium Businesses, Restaurants and Bars, and Auto Repair Shops and Stores.  Simplifying business operations by the following:

  • Customizable Pickups: Our services are fully customizable to help meet your waste removal requirements.
  • Responsive Service: Give us a call Monday through Friday and our team will be happy to help you get set up.
  • Low Rates: Our great low pricing helps you stay focused on what matters, your business.
  • Predictable Payments: With our flat monthly fees, your rates will always stay the same.
  • Simplified Billing: Receive straightforward invoices with no line-item charges to wade through.
  • Select Your Contract: We offer one to three-year contracts so you can choose the best option for your business.
  • Dependable Service: We arrive on time, answer the phone fast and work with you to create the right service for your shop.
  • Haul It All: Our dumpsters can haul most auto shop debris except for car batteries, tires and any hazardous waste.
  • Simple Startup: We’ll process your order within minutes and have your business dumpster delivered fast.

Call our team at 888-601-0677 to get your service established and hauling your waste away ASAP.

Considerations and Precautions for Commercial Dumpster Rentals

You can use a our commercial dumpster to dispose of municipal solid waste (MSW) and construction and demolition materials (C&D). MSW describes everyday garbage: food scraps, packaging, paper towels, clothes, furniture, etc. C&D waste includes plastics, metals, wood, glass, rocks, tree stumps, and branches. Hazardous and/or contaminated materials, flammable materials, medical waste, and electronics may not be disposed of in a front load dumpster.

Five Star believes in sustainable waste management. If your business produces a lot of recyclable refuse, such as paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and most plastics, we encourage you to order an 8-yard recycling dumpster in addition to a standard dumpster. Your providers will take recyclable materials to a separate facility after pickup. Materials like clean dirt, clean concrete, brick, and metal shavings are recyclable as well, but they require special dumpsters (available by request).

Before you order a commercial dumpster rental, make sure your location has enough space for safe and accessible placement. Your placement area should ideally have enough room to accommodate double your dumpster dimensions, and a garbage truck must be able to reach it easily. Avoid placing your dumpster on top of plumbing fixtures, yard fixtures, or any pavement that may be damaged under its weight—ASAP is not responsible for damages to your rental units or your property.

You should always be able to place dumpsters on private property, but city property (like the alleyway or street outside your building) may require a permit. Check with your city and/or county government for more details before ordering your rentals.

It’s easy to forget about garbage once you throw it away, but you don’t want anyone messing with the contents of your dumpster. We recommend ordering accessories like a bar lock to keep unauthorized parties from using your dumpster after hours or a bear lock to keep animals from getting into your trash.