trash dumpster efficiently

Get the Most Out of Your Rental: How to Fill a Trash Dumpster Efficiently

Dumpsters are the most helpful tools when you are looking for big projects like home renovations or estate cleanouts. Mant dumpster users might not be familiar with how to roll off a dumpster. These are the best practices on filling a dumpster that helps maximize your investment in the rental and remain safe during the project. 

But many dumpster users don’t know how to fill a roll-off dumpster. In order to get the best one, you can opt for  Residential dumpster rental prices in Orange County that help clean garbage, and everyone will remain safe during the cleaning process. 

Here we have explained the five best tips on filling a dumpster:

1: Break things down

Whatever you are going to put in your dumpster, you first need to break it down into the smallest state. It comes from foam, concrete, drywall, and other items. The smaller you break down the things, the more you will place them in your dumpster. Thus, it means it adds significant value to your rental. 

2: Flatten Boxes


However, if you are working with some cardboard removal, it is essential to flatten all boxes. It might be a time-consuming process but is a general hassle and can save you a great deal of space in a dumpster. You can grab a box cutter and ensure that you are reducing the boxes to their flattest state. While doing it, you need to be very careful when folding flattened boxes. If they don’t fold down to be completely flat, they can sometimes form pockets of unused space at the bottom of a dumpster. 

3: Fill the bottom


If you are working with bulky items such as old equipment, furniture, housing fixtures, and similar things? If so, then you can place the bulkiest items at the bottom. Once you get a layer of bulky items at the base of your dumpster, then you can start to fill in the more minor things, which brings you to the next tip.


4: Fill the gaps


Try always to fill in gaps and start filling your dumpster. It is easy to work quickly and go too fast when you are in the midst of a removal project. You need to be a little bit conscientious throughout your project, pause every once in a while, and make sure you fill all gaps. For instance, if you are throwing away furniture, make sure that you have filled in the empty areas formed with smaller items to be trashed. 

5: Distribute weight evenly


One needs to make sure that you are distributing weight equally across your dumpster. If the weight is not evenly distributed, then the dumpster can get shifted during loading or transit, which leads to a dangerous situation for all involved. Thus, throughout your project, you need to take some time and assess how well your dumpster is filling to ensure that the weight is balanced correctly. 

6: Don’t load too high


You need to make sure that you don’t load above the sidewall of the dumpster because the loose items can fly out during transportation. Also, loose debris can cause harm, and it can cause death or hit someone strongly. 

7: Monitor progress


You need to make a point and check the progress after every time, and this will provide you an opportunity to look for any open gaps that you have missed or could be better engaged. Also, by adding more and more refuse, you can fill your dumpster to its maximum capacity. 

8: Fill heavier objects first


Next, you can add bulkier objects first, and these need more space to be placed first. Try to arrange the contents as close together as possible. Anything with flat sides or things can quickly get fit inside, and it should be placed accordingly. 

The amount of debris that gets fit in your dumpster will rely heavily on how you do it. There are most waste removal companies that provide you with an estimated capacity for each container. So, if you won’t utilize the proper amount of space, you will be left with garbage that will impact you and the environment. If you are looking towards a cleaning service, you can opt for a dumpster rental for residential use Los Angeles County and make your environment clean and hygienic.