How to Choose the Right Dumpster Size?

How to Choose the Right Dumpster Size?

When it comes to managing your waste – whether it’s for a small basement cleaning project or a whole-house cover job – a 10-yard dumpster rental is definitely the way to go when it comes to waste removal. It keeps the property looking neat. It is an immense time saver compared to hauling pickup loads of garbage, and it’s effortless. The rental dumpster appears and disappears with just a phone call.

But for those who are not doing roll-off dumpster rental regularly, understanding the jargon surrounding rental dumpsters can be a bit complicated, especially when it comes to the dumpster size likely required for a job. Too small, and it generates headaches amid projects when it starts to overflow, but too large a dumpster means wasted money on the project. Therefore, you should know how to choose the right dumpster size.

Roll-off dumpsters normally come in four various sizes; 10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-yard capacities. But what does that mean? These measurements are held fairly standard over the waste collection industry. However, they may vary to a certain degree.

What is a cubic yard?

To put it simply, a cubic yard is a measure of space or volume. For instance, suppose a cube of space is 3 feet long by 3 feet wide by 3 feet high. These measurements equal one cubic yard. By grasping the dimensions of a dumpster in feet, you can then determine the number of cubic yards of trash the dumpster can hold by using the basic formula below:

Multiply the length by width by height in feet to learn total cubic feet, then divide the total cubic feet by 27. It is crucial to note that dumpster dimensions are normally provided in feet and measured from the outside of the container walls. So, by utilizing the outer dimensions, the formula above will somewhat overestimate cubic yards.

To receive a more detailed interior volume, use interior dimensions by subtracting approximately 6 to 8 inches off each outside measurement. An 8 ft. exterior width then becomes 7.4 ft. of interior width. In fact, however, the difference in the waste collection between using interior and exterior dimensions is pretty small.

What size of the roll-off dumpster should you go for?

Now comes the tough question. Estimating your trash size can be difficult, especially for household junk or construction and demolition debris. Roofing trash like shingles is a bit easier because of the similarity in shape and size. But if you remove broken chairs, boxes, and that old stationary bike, guesstimating can be a bit trickier. So, follow the following guidelines when choosing the size of the container.

What can a 10-yard dumpster accommodate?

A 10-yard dumpster is normally an ideal choice for the smaller residential cleanup. It would be equal to three pickup truck loads of waste. Consider the following things to determine the size of the dumpster.

  • 250 square foot deck removal
  • Basement or garage debris cleanout
  • 1500 square feet of roof shingles
  • Kitchen or bath remodeling job

You can go for 10-yard dumpster waste management if these are your requirements.

What can a 20-yard dumpster accommodate?

It is the right dumpster size for the average cleanup and remodeling projects. It is one of the most popular rental sizes. They carry a large amount of waste and are very cost-effective when compared to larger size dumpsters. Frequent use of 20-yard dumpster includes:

  • More extensive basement, garage, or attic cleanouts
  • Flooring/carpet removal for larger homes
  • Larger deck removals which are about 300 to 400 square feet
  • Greater single layer roof shingle removal, which is about 2,500 to 3,000 square feet
  • Greater interior renovations
  • Large landscaping jobs

What can a 30-yard dumpster accommodate?

30-yard dumpsters are often required by people who are completing a large home remodeling project or a new home construction project. The 30-yard dumpsters can hold about nine truckloads of waste and debris. Many customers choose to rent this size dumpster for:

  • A massive remodeling project, for instance, a major home addition
  • Modern home construction
  • Garage demolition
  • Pool removals
  • Complete-home cleanouts
  • Deck relocations larger than 400 square feet

What can a 40-yard dumpster accommodate?

The 40-yard container is the biggest dumpster. This size should be rented only when you have extreme amounts of waste, as it can hold about 12 truckloads of debris. It is normally rented for commercial uses. Some additional common uses for this size include:

  • Commercial roofing project
  • Residential or commercial demolition
  • Commercial landscaping and excavating
  • Large water and fire remediation projects
  • Major interior renovations
  • Roof replacements
  • Community cleanup events

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