Tips to Avoid Dumpster Overage Fees

Having a clean house is something that everyone dreams of. Whether you plan to organize a cleanup session or host an event, having a clean place is a must. Thus, hiring a small construction dumpster rental in Los Angeles would work ideally for you. Five Star Universe can help you to clean the excess mess at your home. However, no one likes paying unexpected extra charges.

There are cases when paying extra is a must, and there can be several reasons for it, such as excess weight, unwanted cleaning, etc. Therefore, paying extra is a liability, but everything has some exceptions. Fortunately, several ways might help you to avoid these extra surcharges. Read along for tips on how to avoid potential extra charges.

Go For Right Dumper Size

If you want to stick to your budget, you need to understand the waste amount disposed of. People usually miscalculate the amount of waste that will fit in small dumpsters. See our calculation page to help estimate your Dumpster Weight. This is the number one reason for overage charges as customers will almost inevitably overfill their dumpsters not realizing how much waste they originally have on hand.

The same scenario also goes with the case when waste overflows or doesn’t fit in the dumpster. Therefore, to avoid all the hassle, always go for a bigger dumpster than you think you need. Paying the rent for a huge dumpster is far cheaper than renting two small dumpsters. So, save your money and rent one big dumpster for getting rid of your waste.

Assess Company Policy Carefully

You might be aware that every large construction dumpster rental in Los Angeles County has different charges. However, this standard price might change based on some factors. These factors might include debris overflow, waste weight exceeding the standard limit, and even Prohibited Items that are not allowed to be dumped.

Any of these situations can make you pay extra fees or require alternative methods for dealing with the waste. If you wish to not get blindsided at the last minute, confirm charging policies and more importantly verify which of your items can be thrown away into your dumpster.

Always Stick to Agreed Waste Type

It is not a general rule, but most of the dumpster renting companies have specified the debris they can collect. For instance, if you want to remove construction debris, the rental company might agree to remove the cardboard, tiles, plastic, concrete, other metal types, etc. So, you should avoid adding waste such as unwanted wardrobe items, kitchen waste, and even liquid waste.

Adding these items will only make you pay overage fees because they were not present in the contract. Therefore, you should have real-time knowledge of the aspects you should consider while preparing the list of your waste to be disposed of.

Avoid Long-Term Rentals

One of the most precise methods to avoid overage fees is to avoid collecting the dumpsters for long periods of time and dispose of your waste at frequent intervals. As time passes, it will make the load heavier, leading you to pay a higher price to clean the decomposing waste.

If you want to recycle your waste regularly, then hiring a small construction dumpster rental in Orange County would work best for you. Call our Team of Professionals at 888-601-0677 to discuss the length of time required to properly dispose of your waste, as we will be able to help you save money in the long run by setting up a long-term waste removal schedule designed just for you.

Look For Professionals

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Get Reliable Services From the Best One in Business

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