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How to Clean up after a Renovation?

Renovating your home is a major project and one that requires a lot of preparation. A major consideration is how to keep the area clean during the renovation and upon completion. Have no fear, book a residential garbage bin rental in Los Angeles County with Five Star Universe. Our team will help you with all of your roll-off dumpster needs throughout the renovation process and ensure you select the appropriate size container for the job and budget.

We understand that much of the mess can be cleaned without our help, but there are a few areas that we can help, and would love to do so. Our hands-on knowledge enables us to provide tips that can be used throughout the renovation. We even created a Resource Page on our site to help with a few common issues that may arise. For more info, read on!

Discuss Site Protection and Preparation with Contractor

When working with contractors for renovation projects we get so involved in discussing what is to be renovated that we forget to discuss what needs to be protected. Ensuring that you discuss your expectations of what the job site should look like during the process and what areas are to be protected will be extremely helpful.

Also, discussing what is required to be cleaned up during and after the renovation process is very important. It is often helpful to discuss a small residential dumpster rental in Orange County and Los Angeles County to aid in the cleanup. Five Star Universe’s Online Quote and Ordering System makes it easier than ever to get a dumpster delivered in time for your home renovations.

Stay Home During Renovation or Not

This site preparation step is crucial, especially for the owners who need to renovate a specific part of their home. It also turns out to be important for the people who wish to stay in their house during renovation. Staying put might result in more costs of cleaning the house completely.

Apart from this, you need to put extra time and effort into the tearing-down and setting-up of the house every day. Each day, the renovation crew first must lay out their protective equipment to protect the house and then remove the barriers at the end of each day during the renovation to make the house ready to use for owners.

Purify the Air

You should use a HEPA vacuum for cleaning and dusting the dirty contaminants at the end of every working day. The HEPA vacuum can easily trap the smaller particles that the normal vacuums cannot track. If your contractors do not have a HEPA-compliant vacuum, one can be rented or purchased at your local hardware store.

If you have a HEPA air purifier, you should run it at high speed constantly throughout your renovation. Also, you need to clean, wash, or change the filters regularly as they will be working harder than usual during the renovation project. You should always consider renting a commercial-grade air scrubber for the purification of air after the renovation. That’s because they are considered best for air purification.

Hire a Professional Renovation Cleanup Service Provider

Whether you are moving out or staying inside your house during the renovation session, it is highly recommended you plan for a deep post-renovation clean-up. This clean-up session is important immediately after the dust has settled and the renovations are complete.

Some homeowners might undergo the deep cleaning themselves or outsource the process to the experts who focus on providing such service. If you have the budget, it is recommended to find a team of experts that can help you clean your house in the best manner and relieve you of that headache as well.

Where to Get the Best Dumpster Rental Service?

As you see, a lot goes into maintaining a clean job site during a home renovation and it all starts with hiring a professional residential construction dumpster rental service provider like Five Star Universe. We have a pool of experts that always focus on delivering the best and highest quality service. Call us today to schedule your next dumpster rental at 888-601-0677 or visit us at www.fivestaruniverse.net to see our services and/or receive your quote online today!